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Luigi G. Novelli
General Manager
Press Repair Information
We service all makes, models, types and brands of press machinery. We understand that when your press is down, you need it in service as soon as possible.

We will repair your press on location if at all possible.

Our complete machine shop can make, repair or recondition any part of your press, including obsolete presses, when new parts are not available, or the lead time for new parts is not acceptable.
All jobs are of equal importance to us, regardless of the size or nature of the job. Whether it is a simple adjustment, minor repair, complete rebuild, or anything between.
We know and understand power presses.
Power Presses are commonly referred to by various names such as: punch press, stamping press, forming press, blanking press, cut off press, assembly press, forging press, press brake, brake press, etc. No matter what it is called, power presses are all very similar and share common features.
We perform maintenance, repair, up keep and partial rebuilds that are more common than the need for a total rebuild. This may include simple adjustments, replacement part, repairing, reconditioning, rebuilding, or even making it.
The following includes some of these services:
Clutches and brakes: pneumatic, hydraulic.
Friction disks, pads, linings, and other "wear" parts
Mechanical parts and mechanisms, springs, pins, bolts
Pressure plates, housings
Pistons, diaphrams, seals
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