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Luigi G. Novelli
General Manager
Machining & Welding
We have complete machine shop facilities to perform any type of press machine work.
Manufacture Obsolete Parts:
Rams, gibs, pittmans, adjustment screws, crankshafts, shafts, flywheels, tie rods & nuts, knockout devices, bolsters, counterbalances, gears
Tee Slot Bolsters & Slide Platens:
For quick die change, repair of damage, or add
Milling & Planing:
Bolsters, platens, ways, gibs, , rams, pittmans, adjustment screws, pittman ball sockets, pittman ball ends, bearing caps, tie rods & nuts, links & toggles, slides
Surface Grinding:
Bolsters, platens, gibs, slides, rams
Way Grinding:
Slides, frames, dove tail, box, vee way
Turning & Boring:
Shafts, cranks, eccentrics, bearings & bushings, gears, flywheels, screw cutting & threading
Portable Boring:
Onsite & in house, frames, housings, bearing bores
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